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C Walter Hodges died in 2004. I found several of his drawings searching the net and have collected three of his books over the years. His pictures are scattered throughout the website. He was a valuable and knowledgeable early force for the building of the modern Globe.

He spent his long life writing books, drawing pictures and designing for the theatre. In his book Shakespeare's Second Globe he wrote, "One may say that the theatre as an institution is the pre-eminent arrangement whereby human beings work out the models of their own conduct, their morality and aspiration, their ideas of good and evil, and in general those fantasies about themselves and their fellows which, if persisted in, tend to eventually become facts in real life. If this is so, and it would be hard to deny, then the theatre must be seen as a most powerful instrument in the social history of mankind, and its own history must therefore be allowed a corresponding importance." 

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Hodges strove for accuracy in his drawings and took great pains fully analyzing  and extracting ideas from,Wenceslaus Hollar's famous etching of Elizabethan London.