Rodger Barton (b. 1951 ) I have been an actor/teacher/coach/single dad for most of 35 years. Around twenty years  ago, I decided to help young people love Shakespeare as much as I do. To do that, they had to speak him out loud. To enjoy speaking him aloud they needed cut scripts. I discovered and implemented the thought-verse formatting, and then noted the series to finish the job. My friend, Janet Robson then found hundreds of teeny irritating errors. I combed the scripts endlessly. It took two years to complete 12 plays. While creating them I read them, and re-read them, and re-read them some more aloud, with Keith Knight - taking equal turns at 'Hamlets and Horatios.' They were only finished when we agreed that they made complete sense. I then sold the series for several years. New Year's 2013, in an effort to trump budgets and bores and stick to my purpose of growing love for Shakespeare, I decided to post the whole series on this website.