All workshops are highly interactive. They can be adapted for any group of teachers or students. They can concentrate on any play in the series. They are all intended to spread a love of Shakespeare and a method for the practice and improvement of acting and oral communication skills. 

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Workshop Testimonials
Toronto 'Reading for the Love of It Conference,' workshop participant, 2008

Your three-hour workshop, packed with useful ideas, entertaining examples and practical methods, was a revelation!

Catherine Evans, Bishop's College, Quebec
In the classroom Rodger is charismatic, funny, encouraging and engaging. He is a passionate believer in the importance of spoken communication; and as a result, our students began looking at the intricacies of speech in new ways.

Greater Edmonton Teacher Convention Association evaluations of teacher workshop, 2007
- Wonderful, cutting to the chase. Efficient - a hopeful offer to teachers to truly do what they should - inspire their students.
- useful, passionate presentation.
- best session I've seen this year. So many useful things that I can incorporate in the classroom
- I was forced to come out of my "courage" box - thank goodness! I have learned so much and am inspired.
- I want to try this with my grade sevens.
- Hands-on, refreshing to bring something completely new into the classroom.
- Excellent overview and instruction. Demonstrated each concept. Very clear and encouraging. An expert 

Claire Bird, Nelson High School, Burlington
Not only did Rodger inspire the students to read and act out Shakespeare's plays, he taught communication skills through Shakespeare's language. Teachers have commented on how excited the students were, and how they are now actively practising their new communication skills.

Molly Cornwell, Hathaway Brown School, Ohio
"Rodger's teaching philosophy of "colouring" and "fresh-minting" made the texts so tangible that their confidence level in handling the language grew with each passing day."

Duenther Brandt, Head of School at Frankfurt International School (FIS)"Your energy, enthusiasm and your ability to communicate have been so inspiring that I am sure your visit will stay with us for many months."

Cathy Landry, Head of English, St. Joseph’s High School, Ottawa, Nov, 2007
Your "Prompts for Practice" as I call it are just tremendous for teachers. For the first time, teachers aretaught how to teach Shakespeare - that is tremendous.

Iroquois Falls English Teacher Workshop
Rodger's excellent workshop was a fast-paced two hours that provided us with concrete tools to use when working with Shakespeare in the classroom.